Cody Gorden
Aaron Refvem
Full Name Cody Gorden
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1997-1998
Family Lilly Gorden (twin sister)
Relationships Olivia Jackson (ex-girlfriend)
Sarah Lawton (ex-girlfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Lake Munro High School
First Episode Take a Chance (1) (1602)
Last Episode Blackout Days (2225)
Reason Moved Away
Portrayed By Aaron Refvem

Cody Gorden was a sophomore (grade 10) at Lake Munro. He and his twin sister moved away at the end of their sophomore year.

Character HistoryEdit

Starts Lake Munro in season 16. His twin sister is Lilly. He is an average student and shows an interest in Erin. He was not seen much in season 17. In season 18 he begins to look for a girlfriend but gets shut down. In season 19, he is on vacation for the shooting and learns about it when he comes back with Lilly. After Olivia comes back from the hospital, he develops a crush on her. He asks her out, but she rejects him saying it's too soon. She later then agrees to go on a date. At the date, Olivia runs out thinking her kidnapper is there. As she runs out Cody chases her and Olivia runs into the street where a car hits her. She is ok, but the man gets out of the car, and Olivia tells Cody to keep walking because the man was a man she saw when she was kidnapped. The man then begins to stalk her and Cody tries to protect her. When the man shows up at her house Cody calls the police and the stalker is arrested. In season 20, he tries to Olivia to overcome her kidnapping. They later break up after Olivia become continuously rude to him. In season 21, Sarah begins to flirt with him after her break-up with Lucas. He eventually asks her out to lunch, much to the dismay of Lucas. Later, he and Sarah become closer and she shares her insecurities with him. They become an official couple and go to the winter dance together. In season 22, he learns that his whole family is moving and he, along with his sister, are visibly upset. Later, he tells Sarah that he is moving and they both don't know whether or not to break up. They eventually agree to break-up but stay friends until Cody has to leave so it doesn't hurt as bad. He also tries to talk Lilly into telling Connor, but she is hesitant after having dinner with his family. Later, he and Lilly prepare for moving day. When moving day approaches they say goodbye to their friends. He is last seen in the car, talking to Lilly.


  • He has appeared in 71 episodes.
  • He and his sister are the second set of twins on the show.