Dan Fielder
Full Name Daniel Fielder
Nickname(s) Dan (by everyone)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1992-1993
Relationships Holly J. Sinclair (ex-girlfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Lake Munro High School
First Episode Where Dreams Go to Die (204)
Last Episode Little Things (826)
Reason Transferred to a cyber school
Portrayed By Robbie Amel

Dan Fielder was a junior (grade 11) at Lake Munro. He transferred to a cyber school after he misses a lot of school because of his battle with cancer.

Character HistoryEdit

Starts Lake Munro in season 2 he goes out with Holly J. but they break up after she gets too controlling. He develops cancer in season 3 and is in the hospital for seasons 3-6. He eventually recovers but stays home and does not return. He is last seen at the airport when Paige leaves.

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