Ethan Tearny
Hayden Byerly
Full Name Ethan Tearny
Nickname(s) E (by Zoey)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2000-2001
Family Susan Tearny (mother)
Zoey Tearny (sister)
Rebecca Bera (former foster-sister)
Mrs. Curry (former foster-mother)
Mr. Curry (former foster-father) John Wells (foster father)
Dana Wells (foster mother)
Job Student
School(s) Middle School
Lake Munro High School
First Episode Comfortably Numb (1) (2120)
Portrayed By Hayden Byerly

Ethan Tearny is a junior (grade 11) at Lake Munro.

Character HistoryEdit

First seen in season 21 when he is in 7th grade. He is the younger brother of Zoey Tearny and shown to live with an abusive alcoholic mother. Zoey uses every attempt to protect him. She later gets them both out and put into foster care where they are put into separate group homes. They later get reunited after they are put into the same foster home along with Rebecca. In season 24, the custody over him and Zoey is re-examined. Because of his young age, he is placed back into his mother's custody after she is deemed fit by her rehab center and the courts. Zoey remains with her foster parents, but attempts to fight the courts on their decision. Zoey comes up with a plan to show her mother is unfit, however it fails and Ethan goes into her custody. In season 25, Zoey tries to find ways to see Ethan while her mother won't let her. Later, after their mother relapses, he is put into danger. He ends up in the hospitial due to injuries caused by his mother. In season 26, he is again placed in foster care, but with a different family from Zoey and Rebecca. Zoey fights to get him back. In season 27, he begins to fall behind in school after all of his moving. He and Zoey end up spending a lot of time at school together after they are not able to see each other outside of school. They end up skipping classes to do so as well. When Zoey turns 18, she attempts to petition for custody of her little brother. In season 28, he is seen encouraging Zoey to talk to Kendall. Later, he is seen at graduation for his sister. In season 29, he begins to act out and shoplifts from several stores. He does not get caught by authorites, however his foster parents catch him and he is grounded. Later, he misses Zoey so he calls her at school, which makes him feel better. Later, he gets news that his mother relapsed, overdosed, and had passed away. He isolates himself from everyone, including Rebecca and his foster parents.


  • He has appeared in 58 episodes.
  • Despite being a regular in season 28, he never had a main storyline.

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