Noah Jameson
Ty Simpkins
Full Name Noah Jameson
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 2001
Family Terri Jameson (mother)
Alec Jameson (father)
Michaela Evans Jameson (daughter)
Relationships Skai Evans (girlfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Lake Munro High School
First Episode Turning Tables (2708)
Portrayed By Ty Simpkins

Noah Jameson is a senior (grade 12) at Lake Munro High School.

Character HistoryEdit

Starts Lake Munro in season 27, he is a sophomore. He quickly befriends another new student, Skai. In season 28, he develops feelings for her and when he confesses them to her, she feels the same way. Later, they begin dating. In season 29, he begins the school year in a heated relationship with Skai that started during the summer. Later, after Skai misses her period and takes a pregnancy test, she discovers she is pregnant. She is unsure how Noah will react, but when she tells him he is supportive of her. They later decide what they want to do with the baby and they decide they want to raise it together. In season 30, he goes with Skai to her doctor's appointment for the baby. The doctor tells them that everything looks healthy. Later, after Maleek begins attending Lake Munro and befriends Skai, Noah becomes threatened by him. Later, Skai has some complications with her pregnancy and is rushed to the hospital for an emergeny C-section. When Maleek shows up, Noah becomes angry at him for always being around. He apologizes and says that it is the anxeity of Skai's safety that is making him on edge. Later, Skai and Noah's daughter is born, premature but healthy, and they sit together in the hospital bed with their new baby. Later, Noah follows Maleek home from school one day. When he does he sees that Maleek lives in a beat up house in bad condition and that his mother is too worried about herself, men, and her drugs to even notice him. In season 31, he and Maleek put aside their differences and become friends. Later, he is left at home with his baby when Skai goes out with her friends. He is nervous about having the baby alone for the night and he does a lot of research on how to be a good father. Later, he plans the halloween dance with Skai. Maleek babysits Michaela on the night of the dance so both Noah and Skai can go together. Later, they both try to balance the baby, school work, and applying for colleges. Later, Michaela has an allergic reaction and is sent to the ER. It freaks out both Noah and Skai, but luckily Michaela is ok and is released from the hospital the same day.


  • He has appeared in 37 episodes.