Rebecca Bera
Full Name Rebecca Bera
Nickname(s) Becks (by Zoey)
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1999-2000
Family unnamed biological family
Mrs. Curry (foster-mother)
Mr. Curry (foster-father)
Zoey Tearny (foster-sister)
Ethan Tearny (foster-brother)
Relationships Dylan Kennedy (ex-boyfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Middle School (previously)
Lake Munro High School
First Episode Where You Belong (2206)
Portrayed By Mackenzie Foy

Rebecca Bera is a senior (grade 12) at Lake Munro.

Character HistoryEdit

Introduced in season 22, she is Zoey and Ethan's new foster sister. She originally meets Zoey in a group home but they are all sent to the same foster home. She is seen supportive of Zoey and another gaurdian figure to Ethan. In season 24, she is seen being supportive of Zoey's attempts to get Ethan back with them. In season 27, she tries to adjust to life after Zoey moves out, since she will age out of the system soon. Later, she begins a relationship with Dylan. In season 28, Rebecca wants to come out of her shell and tries to expand her horizions. In season 29, she gets upset when Dylan spends more time with his friends than he does with her. She believes he doesn't want to spend time with her and she evantually breaks up with him. Later, her birth mother comes back into her life and she tries to rebuild a bond with Rebecca. Rebecca is skeptical at first but she tries to get a close relationship with her birth mom. However, after spending some time with her Rebecca realizes she hasn't changed and decides to officially cut ties for good.


  • She has appeared in 57 episodes.

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