Skai Evans
Full Name Skai Evans
Gender Female
Date of Birth 2000-2001
Family Tyra Evans (mother)
John Evans (father)
Michaela Evans Jameson (daughter)
Relationships Noah Jameson (boyfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Lake Munro High School
First Episode What Side of Love (2705)
Portrayed By Reile Downs

Skai Evans is a senior (grade 12) at Lake Munro High School.

Character HistoryEdit

Starts Lake Munro in season 27, she was badly bullied at her old school. She worries heavily about what her new classmates will think of her and this affects her school work. She later does questionable things to fit in with her classmates, landing her in detention. Later, she befriends Noah after he begins attending Lake Munro. In season 28, Noah begins to show an interest in her. He confesses his feelings and she returns those feelings. Later, they begin to date. In season 29, she and Noah come back from summer break in a heated relationship. Later, she gets worried when her period is late. She worries she is pregnant and takes a pregnancy test. The test turns up positive and she goes to the doctor's just to make sure. Later, she has to tell Noah and she worries about his reaction. When she tells him, he is supportive and they both decide they want to keep the baby. Later, she is worried about telling her parents. Thinking they will be angry, she is surprised to learn that they are supportive of her decisions and will help her. In season 30, she goes to her doctor's appointment with Noah. The doctor tells her everything is good with the baby. Later, when new student, Maleek, comes to Lake Munro, she becomes fast friends with him, making Noah jealous. It is later revealed that she knew him from her previous school. Later, she suffers some complications with her pregnancy and is sent to the hospital for an emergeny C-section. She almost doesn't make it, but the doctors are able to save her and she gives birth to her new daughter. She and Noah name her Michaela Evans Jameson. Later, she bonds with her baby. She confronts Noah about his jealousy of Maleek and tells him there is nothing to worry about. In season 31, she leaves Michaela home with Noah when she goes out with Andrea. Later, her and Noah plan the Halloween dance together. Later, Maleek babysits Michaela while her and Noah attend the dance together. Later, they try to balance the baby, school work, and applying for colleges. Later, Michaela has an allergic reaction and is sent to the ER. It freaks out both Noah and Skai, but luckily Michaela is ok and is released from the hospital the same day.


  • She has appeared in 38 episodes.