Vanessa Rose
Candace Cameron Bure
Full Name Vanessa Rose
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1974
Family Sammi Rose (daughter)
James Rose (son)
Vince Rose (son)
Charlie Blake-Rose (grandson)
Tyler Richards (grandson)
Zach Richards (son-in-law)
Relationships Damon Rose (ex-husband; deceased)
Job Nurse
First Episode There She Goes (201)
Last Episode Summer Breeze (2) (2017)
Reason Moved in with her parents due to her cancer.
Portrayed By Candace Cameron-Bure

Vanessa Rose is the mother of Sammi, James, and Vince Rose. She had twins Sammi and James when she was 19 and married her husband a month after they were born. Two years after giving birth to Vince, they got a divorce and Vince lived with him. When he passed away in 2009, Vince went to live with her and his older siblings.

Character HistoryEdit

She is the Mom of Sammi, James, & Vince comes in season 2 to be with Sammi. She is the one who tells Sammi & James that their father died. She takes Zach in when he gets kicked out in season 5. Vince and her argue they decide diferently about Ally & James dating. Although she is still a regular she hasn’t been seen at all in season 11. And in season 12 she gets hit on by kids at the school. In season 13 she takes in Ally while Zach goes off to college. He comes to live with them later after the dorms get a new makeover In season 19, Sammi tells her that she is moving to Florida. Vanessa has a hard time with this, saying that all her kids are leaving her. Sammi reassures her that they will visit plenty of times. In season 20, she is diagnosed with cancer, and cannot work. She ends up having to move back with her parents and Vince goes with her.


  • She is the only parent to be a regular that was not also an employee at the school.