Vince Rose
Bradley Steven Perry
Full Name Vince Rose
Nickname(s) V (by Nancy)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1997-1998
Family Vanessa Rose (mother)
Damon Rose (father; deceased)
Sammi Rose (sister)
James Rose (brother)
Charlie Blake-Rose (nephew)
Tyler Richards (nephew)
Zach Richards (brother-in-law)
Relationships Ashley Yorkland (ex-girlfriend)
Nancy Hinerman (ex-girlfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Lake Munro High School
First Episode Temporary Home (404)
Last Episode Summer Breeze (2) (2017)
Reason Moved in with his grandparents
Portrayed By Bradley Steven Perry

Vince Rose was a freshman (grade 9) at Lake Munro High School. He transferred after his freshman year due to his mom having cancer. He is the younger brother of Sammi and James Rose.

Character HistoryEdit

Comes in season 4 to live with his mom is the little brother of Sammi and James. He is in sixth grade from season 5-8 he starts dating Ashley in season 5 but they break up later in the season because she is just using him to get to James. He goes to the airport to say goodbye to Paige Mickalchuck in season 8. In season 12 he finishes 7th grade and goes to the high school for 8th after the middle school burns down. In season 13 he starts in the high school and gets picked on by the seniors. His brother starts student teaching in his classes and he gets upset. This causes an outbreak and the seniors take him and throw him in the bushes because James gets them in trouble. In season 14 he starts dating Nancy Hinerman. In season 15 he breaks up with her after finding out she does drugs and gets high. In season 16 he becomes the school mascot. In season 17, he gets bullied because his brother was accuased of getting Erin pregnant. He tries to commit suicide, by slitting his wrists, in a back hallway at school but Nancy finds him and calls 911. Later she tries to help him but he screams at her to leave him alone. In season 18 he gets bullied more and Erin tries to apologize to him, which he disregards and asks what his brother did to her that was so bad that she accused him. In season 19 Nancy convinces him to get help from the guidance counsler which he agrees to. Later, his feelings for Nancy resurface. He later makes up with Erin, and goes to her anti-drug club. After the tells Nancy about his feelings, they begin to date again. In season 20, his mom gets diagnosed with cancer. After learning that they have to move with his grandparents, in California, he and Nancy break up. On the last day of school he says good-bye to all his friends, and he and his mom drive to the airport.


  • He has appeared in 180 episodes.
  • He is the youngest character to debut on the show and later attend Lake Munro High School.